Thursday, February 14, 2013

Featured in Newspaper - Chocolate Truffles Coated with Oreo Cookie Crumbs

Hi everybody!
 I'm finally back after a year! Motherhood is always associated with the word busy, 
yet it's adventurous! I'm learning everyday with my baby =)
My passion for cooking and baking is always there, but I only have limited time everyday which really did not give me much chance to cook something, and needless to say bake.

My baby Lovern is gonna be 10 months soon =) In the beginning, she was such a cry baby and made me really frustrated, nearly sank into depression! As for now, she's really cheeky and cheerful! We love her sooooo much!  Since she's much more manageable now, it's time for me to continue my blogging journey!

 This was taken when she was 3 days old. 
She look so different now!

 We love to put head accessories for her, 
just love to make fun of her!

 Now 9 months+ , able to blabber stuffs and stand up with support. 
More fun to play with!

Talking about blogging again, 
I decided to blog again because a timely reminder came by last week. 
I was featured in the newspaper meant for secondary students to read and was told to show a simple dessert, I decided on Chocolate Truffles Coated with Oreo Cookie Crumbs.
The reporter and photographer came over to my house to shoot the steps and final product, 
It's quite an experience for me~ interesting!
These truffles are pretty yummy and really easy to make!
Pop one into your mouth and you don't need much effort to chew them,
it just literally melts inside. Chocolaty yummy!

Here's the newspaper article and recipe in Mandarin.
I will include the English version at the end of this post~

I hope the students will try to make these! I'm sure they will be satisfied with the outcome! 

As for me, I will try my best to update my blog with at least 1 new recipe per week! 
So....stay tuned while I prepare for my next blog post! Till then!

Chocolate Truffles Coated with Oreo Cookie Crumbs

113g Semisweet or bitter sweet chocolate or chocolate chips
60g Heavy whipping cream
1 Tablespoon of Butter
6 Crushed Oreo cookies (remove the cream before crushing)

1. Pour whipping cream into a sauce pan, heat it over small fire with the butter. Bring just to a boil. 
2. Pour the hot cream into the bowl containing chocolate immediately, allow it to stand for 2 minutes. Then stir till smooth.
3. Cover and place the chocolate in the refrigerator until the mixture is firm. 
Takes several hours or overnight. 
4. Remove chocolate mixture from the refrigerator and use a small spoon to scrap a spoon of chocolate out. Form into bite size ball with your hands. 
5. Roll the round truffles in the crushed Oreo cookies. Place on a tray or baking paper. Cover and place in the refrigerator until firm.


  1. Always love to visit yr blog. .this is the blog that gets me into baking & u r always so helpful & encouraging. I will defintely try this with my MMs..they will love it!!!! the reopening of this blog!!!

  2. Hi Coraine,

    Welcome back! Congratulation with your little bub! She is growing well and happy now...

    Nice to hear that you have great recognition for your cooking and hope to see more in the blogging world.


  3. Lovern is sweet and cheeky indeed, always love to play with her! And your truffles are heavenly!!

  4. Welcome back Coraine, no wonder you have been MIA after I came back for blogging. The life will be definitely busy with a baby, I also hardly can cope with blogging, thinking to give up blogging lol. Anyway congrats on your new born and enjoy your motherhood :)

  5. Welcome back Coraine! Congrats to being featured in the newspaper and your new born baby girl. She is pretty and beautiful smile. :)

  6. 你好,之前我们还在互相鼓励,如今都成了孩子的妈,时间过得好快哦,我的宝宝刚要进入八个月,生活真的忙死了: )