Saturday, December 31, 2011

We're Having a Baby Girl ! =)

I had my detailed scan about 1 month ago...
it was quite nerve wrecking once again...!
I'm always so nervous when it comes to tests which will tell me baby is healthy..or not..
Must really thank God that baby is growing normally and all organs and facial appearances are fine!

Sonographer told us we are having a girl for sure! =)
My man had always wanted a girl..for our first his dream has come true...
I can foresee that he will be a lovely father~
We deicded to call her Lovern =)
I had this name in my mind years ago, now it comes into good use!
Many people will tell me it's hard to pronounce..
it's actually Lover-n..I just want her to be sheltered and filled with love!

The gynae told me that baby's head is small in size, but her legs are long! man's height is i guess she takes after him?
because I personally have short & fat legs..HEHE!!

I'm going to share a few pictures of our Baby Lovern!

Can you see her skull? 
this is the front view...quite scary an alien!

little feet that we are going to hold and tickle in approximately 16 weeks time..!
& I think it might be earlier..

I'm going for a check up on 3rd January..time really flies! =)
Can't wait!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Non Baked Oreo Cheesecake (25% Less Cream)

Hi my readers! =) 
I'm now in my 24th week and trying to get myself to do something other than work and rest~
I wanna get my bum moving, so that it can help to shorten labour time..
Although I already do a lot of walking, I still want more! To help in digestion too~
I decided to start baking/cooking again~

I was craving for some blueberry cheese tarts sold in traditional cake shops,
but somehow, I can't find it anywhere!
I need some cheesy stuffs~so made these Oreo cheesecake with less cream & icing sugar!
to make it "not so sinful"
My man joined me and we made these together~!
He's my helped in washing the dishes and bowls..hehehehe
Must really thank him~

Actually, I made this cheesecake previously HERE 
it was well received by my family members~

this time round I made them into little cups again, 
so that I can keep some for the next few days, eat one cup at a time.

Cream was reduced from 260ml to 200ml and icing sugar from 50g to 25g.
Still tasted yummy!

The soft creamy cheesecake! =)
I had one cup for my breakfast!

I'm thinking of making some scones next!
Stay tuned! =p 

(and yeah after so many months, I finally touched the DSLR again!)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Preparation! =)

Hi ! =) I'm back once again!
I feel that 2nd trimester is moving faster than 1st~

Not because I had morning sickness during my 1st trimester.
It's pretty much the same for me...because I still feel like me, and my tummy is not showing much..
at times, I will forget that I'm pregnant! 
the older people will look at my tummy say...
" You didn't eat well!? "
Especially my mummy and mother in law~haha!

Imagine..few days to 20 weeks, which is 5 months and still don't look preggy at all!? 
and no weight gain too..

Since I'm not showing, there's no priority when it comes to public transport.
hehe..I just got to stand throughout and sometimes I will be lucky to get a seat when someone gets off.

Just want to share one of my ultrasound picture when baby was 16 weeks
yes! she's most probably a girl! 
it will be confirmed in a few day's time!!
My man would like to have a girl =)
So I do hope that this little one stays as a girl..hehe..!
I'm starting to imagine our baking sessions together! 
That will be such a blissful thing to do...
We are naming her Lovern =p
I want her to be filled with love!

Although it's not 100% confirmed that we will be having a girl, 
I've started to buy all those girly stuffs!
You might think that I'm crazy..
but I wanna look forward to the birth of my baby, 
rather than always worrying about this and that... 
I wanna be happy!
here's some stuffs that I've bought recently...
(pictures' quality is not that good, as I used an iphone, 
the DSLR is collecting dust in the dry box!)

Pretty socks!


24 pieces of hankies! haha!

2 receiving blankets and 4 pacifiers!

Can you feel that I'm excited!?
But I've decided to stop buying for awhile.
Save up first, and get some hand me downs will be more practical, right? =)

By the way, I can start to feel movements now,
Lovern is a little clubber in me! She loves to dance at the wee hours, like 4am!
In the day, I can just feel single strong kicks, that's all =)

When I get back from my detailed scan on 20 weeks on coming Thursday, 
will update again! Wish me lucks! =)