Friday, December 30, 2011

Non Baked Oreo Cheesecake (25% Less Cream)

Hi my readers! =) 
I'm now in my 24th week and trying to get myself to do something other than work and rest~
I wanna get my bum moving, so that it can help to shorten labour time..
Although I already do a lot of walking, I still want more! To help in digestion too~
I decided to start baking/cooking again~

I was craving for some blueberry cheese tarts sold in traditional cake shops,
but somehow, I can't find it anywhere!
I need some cheesy stuffs~so made these Oreo cheesecake with less cream & icing sugar!
to make it "not so sinful"
My man joined me and we made these together~!
He's my helped in washing the dishes and bowls..hehehehe
Must really thank him~

Actually, I made this cheesecake previously HERE 
it was well received by my family members~

this time round I made them into little cups again, 
so that I can keep some for the next few days, eat one cup at a time.

Cream was reduced from 260ml to 200ml and icing sugar from 50g to 25g.
Still tasted yummy!

The soft creamy cheesecake! =)
I had one cup for my breakfast!

I'm thinking of making some scones next!
Stay tuned! =p 

(and yeah after so many months, I finally touched the DSLR again!)

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