Saturday, December 31, 2011

We're Having a Baby Girl ! =)

I had my detailed scan about 1 month ago...
it was quite nerve wrecking once again...!
I'm always so nervous when it comes to tests which will tell me baby is healthy..or not..
Must really thank God that baby is growing normally and all organs and facial appearances are fine!

Sonographer told us we are having a girl for sure! =)
My man had always wanted a girl..for our first his dream has come true...
I can foresee that he will be a lovely father~
We deicded to call her Lovern =)
I had this name in my mind years ago, now it comes into good use!
Many people will tell me it's hard to pronounce..
it's actually Lover-n..I just want her to be sheltered and filled with love!

The gynae told me that baby's head is small in size, but her legs are long! man's height is i guess she takes after him?
because I personally have short & fat legs..HEHE!!

I'm going to share a few pictures of our Baby Lovern!

Can you see her skull? 
this is the front view...quite scary an alien!

little feet that we are going to hold and tickle in approximately 16 weeks time..!
& I think it might be earlier..

I'm going for a check up on 3rd January..time really flies! =)
Can't wait!


  1. So happy for you! Enjoy your pregnancy and savour the last bit of your freedom. Once Lovern is out, everything will be centered around her. Take care!

  2. Hello!
    I'm so happy for you.
    Been long since i last read ur blog and when im back i saw ur updates about ur baby.
    Take great care :)

  3. Hi Joyce & Anonymous! =)
    I will update more often from now on! try to bake some stuffs~
    thanks for coming!! keep coming too!! hehe

  4. My eldest was scanned to have a big head, and that's after her dad, ahha. Yeah, til now her head is still big and some clothes can't fit through her head, haha!

    Lovern's a nice name

  5. Congratulations, Coraine! :) It's a bit late but I wish you and your baby good health and lots of blessings!

  6. Thanks Wendy!! I came up with that name..cos i want something more unique...had been a few years i've thought of this name, finally come to use!

    Vivi..hey of course it's not late at all!! =) thanks for dropping by and sending your well wishes..