Monday, July 25, 2011

Assam Penang Laksa (My Man's the Chef)

We had a Penang Laksa + Potluck Party held at our place on last Saturday.
There were 35 of them..squeezed into our little house =p

I baked banana cake for them and most of them commented that it's nice!
 one of them even told me, among so many food, the nicest is my banana cake! He had about 6! 
I really appreciate this kind of comment...
I woke up really early before going to work and baked 2 batches, my hard work paid off!

Since it's a potluck, my guests brought one kind of food/dessert for each family.
We had Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Chicken, Fried Starch Porridge with Spicy Dried Shrimps, Yam Kueh, Steamed Glutinous Rice, Fried Taiwan Sausage, Roasted Pork Belly, Roasted Duck, Mixed Vegetables, Cocktail & Kuehs. 
What a feast!!! 
Why are there no pictures?? I accidentally overwrote them!!!

& actually the Penang Laksa was not a hit for this party.
Some of them don't fancy Penang Laksa...But the whole super duper big pot of soup was gone~
My man and I did not have time to sit down & enjoy the food + his own Penang Laksa.

In the end, we had some leftover ingredients and decided to have an Encore!!
He cooked Penang Laksa on Sunday once again! 

here's the 2nd day's Laksa..
It tasted better!
Extremely sour and spicy!

Lets see what are the ingredients....
there's cucumber, lettuce, peppermint leaves, onions and ginger flower...

Get ready a large spoonfull of prawn paste!

Drizzle the hot soup over these ingredients..
Mix everything together..
Very appetising! My mouth will always water when I smell or see this!

This round of laksa was super duper spicy till my man and me cannot take it!
We drank fresh milk to ease the spiciness...and this action led to runs to the toilet!!!
So we are still running to the toilet till now....

However, we had a good weekend!! =)  hope to have more potluck party in future..!


  1. I really love Penang Laksa, always makes me mouth watering.

  2. Oh yes, anything assamy always taste best the next day.

  3. Penang laksa is my favourite! I love the one at Penang road...hope one day I can learn cooking this myself :)

  4. Lucky you having such a great cooking husband. This Penang Laksa looks so delicious!

  5. HEHE..i guess most malaysians love penang laksa! I've not been to Penang b4 to try their authentic penang laksa.. hope to go soon!