Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Failed Swiss Roll pictures to share for this post..
It's my first time to bake a swiss roll and it was a total flop~haha!
It was too hideous till I didn't even bother to take a picture.
I was trying to act smart and used my favourite chocolate sponge cake recipe 
to bake in a rectangular glass pan, not a standard swiss roll size pan.
& after baking, I thought that moisture should be locked in the cake, 
so, I covered the baked cake with another tray =) 
some water from condensatin dripped onto the cake!
In the end the cake was really very soft and moist!

After spreading the buttercream (my first attempt too),
I started to roll...
It was so hilarious! HAHAHAHA!
there was a major earthquake which led to huge cracks! 
I told my man that he will laugh till his head drop when he sees this "swiss roll"

He came back from work, first thing was, look what's in the fridge.
I think he was shocked to see the cake! HAHA!
but wait..after taking a bite, he kept eating and eating, half was gone!
He said that it's really store bought kind of taste and texture. 
I was still pleased at the end of the day...because the cake's gone!! in less than 12 hours..

So now I'm here to request from my fellow bloggers for some trusted Swiss roll recipe?
Please let me know..I wanna try baking it again! =)


  1. 继续加油哦。。。


  2. Don't give up. Buy the Swiss roll book by Kevin Chai. His recipes are quite good.

  3. egg plant and zoe thanks ladies!!! =)