Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Berryful" Layered Cake

I had some leftover Pour & Whip after making the durian layered cake..
don't wanna waste it, so decided to make another layered cake with US Strawberries given by my sister 
and my own blueberries.
I think it looks pretty plain...
So, added some chocolate rice to make it look more exciting~
Nicer? Hehe..
I actually thought for a long time for the decoration...
I've never tried decorating a whole 8 inch cake with fruits before.
I had only a few pieces of strawberries, 
so decorations and fillings are quite limited...
I think my creaming skill is better for this cake~
I made this on Saturday from 10.30 to 1am!!
Luckily the cake turned out well!

First slice is for my man...without fail =)
this was taken on a sunday morning..
so it was his breakfast!
a pretty good breakfast right...?

A closer look..see the top layer which is slanted? hehe..
My cake was like a mountain before slicing..
and i didn't wanna level it, as i know the sliced away part will go to waste.
& looking at this picture, I have this "christmas" feeling! HAHA!

This is my first time cutting a cake into 3 layers and second time using this chocolate sponge cake recipe..
Still as good!! It's bouncy!! So springy that when you press on it, it will surely bounce right onto the floor..!
Oops..sorry..I mean it will bounce back to the original shape..
It's a hot favourite recipe for bloggers, do try it!


"Berryful" Layered Cake

203g Whole Eggs (4 eggs for mine)
32g Egg Yolks (1 egg yolk for mine)
135g Sugar
21g Glucose (I omitted it)
1g Salt
32g Oil
21g Cocoa Powder
106g Cake/Top Flour
1g Baking Soda
21g Milk

Preheat oven @ 180 degrees upper heat, 160 degrees lower heat.

1. Heat up the oil and add in cocoa powder. Whisk till well mixed. Set aside and let cool.

2. Beat eggs, sugar and salt on high speed. (Beat immediately after adding sugar and salt)

3. Add glucose when sugar and salt are well mixed with eggs. Beat further with medium speed.

4. Sift flour and baking soda into the batter and mix in low speed for 20 seconds or fold in with spatula.

5. Scoop a small portion of batter into the cocoa+oil mixture and combine well. Mix this back to the egg batter.

6. Lastly, add milk into the final batter and pour into the pan till 60-70% full.

7. Bake for 35 minutes. When it's cooked, overturn it on cooling rack.

8. Let it cool completely before unmoulding.



  1. WOW! This is a very pretty cake :) I want a slice too!

  2. Another beautiful cake, Coraine...:D)! Until now I am still not able to make layered cakes ;).

  3. For breakfast?
    I want a slice for my breakfast tomorrow too.

  4. 很漂亮的蛋糕,应该很好吃。

  5. both the durian and berry cake looks very good! (: the slanted cake look like is some special design (: nice looking! (: and it look very delicious!

  6. I couldn't stop admiring the perfect layers of this cake! Very nice!

  7. Ann =) it's all in my man's tummy now..so sorry..but really wanna thank you for coming by and complimenting on my cake!

    CG! ! Must try to make a layered cake! or tried b4? I believe with your magic hands, you can make them really nicely~

    Wendy~hehe..this is quite a refreshing breakfast..thank u!

    Eggplant..i think this cake is very light and not oily.hee..

    Hey Jasmine~ thank u for your kind words!! so sorry I have not much time to make bread nowadays, I will make one to join your aspiring bakers soon!

    Zoe..thank you very much for liking my flawed cake..hehehehe