Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First 3 Awards for My Blog!

I would like to thank CG from Cooking Gallery for passing these awards to me~
these are my first 3 awards! 
Thank you so much!

CG makes really pretty looking bentos and can cook almost anything! 
Visit her blog to feel inspired~~

These are the 3 awards~~!

And now..I'm gonna mention about 10 random things about myself that you may not know =)


1. I have a Chinese name and felt shy about it since young, because it resembles an train station's name! That's why I gave myself this name, Coraine.

2. Had an operation 3 years ago and nearly couldn't wake up from the anesthesia. 

3. Got together with my man at the age of 20! It's been 8 years+!
He's my best friend, soul mate, companion, boyfriend, husband and my everything!
We are always stuck together!

4. I have 1 elder sister, 1 younger brother and another younger sister.
 We used to fight and get violent during primary school days.

5. My late Grandma sold Lor Mee and Duck Noodles during the 60s-80s.

6. My dream during teenage time is to become a Mummy! (but I'm still not)

7. Lots of people think that I'm a quiet person...but the truth is..
I'm really a chatter box and very open minded about stuffs!

8. I can speak to my student's parents for more than an hour after class! 
That's how talkative I can get!

9. I'm gonna have 2 baking workshops for my students this June Holiday! 
I'm so looking forward to it!

10. Finally..I love to gossip and stalk people on Facebook! Oops..!


That's all for the "About me"..
now you know me slightly better!! =)


  1. Coraine I think you really do deserve the awards...:D)!! Thank you for your kinds words about me and for sharing about yourself, no.3 is so sweet...:)!!

  2. congrats Coraine! u really deserve it :)