Friday, June 24, 2011

Results of First Baking Workshop for Kids!

When I was waiting for the kids to arrive...

The ingredients for making bread!

lets take a look at these little aspiring bakers!
D is only in primary 1...  =)

Look at his smiley face!!
I really think that he's super cute!!
Hope that my future son will be like him..hehehehe

K was very excited to make the bread dough~
she's in Primary 5 this year...

this is D's sister..S  =) she was telling me that the dough's so sticky!
Only in Primary 2~!

Chop chop chop!! =)

 Parents will surely be happy to eat the bread made by their own kids and kneaded with love...
So's proven that kids can handle all these with minimal help!
 They were not tired or bored at all after about 20 minutes of kneading! 

 While the dough was proofing, we started to make marshmallow brownies!
I taught them how to crack the eggs....

I even let them sieve the flour by themselves...
they did a great job!

they were really interested in it....paying 101% attention! HAHA!

mixing the brownie's batter...

Freshly baked marshmallow brownies from the oven!
Can you believe that the kids made these? 

And they decorated the box with stickers...
the ribbon was tied by me =)

Next up...Honey Cornflake Cuppies!
I wanted them to have 2 individual bakes and 1 with teamwork involved...
see how united they are..
they actually finished filling up the cuppies in a very short time...

After baking...
Smells niceeeeeee.....

Teacher..can I eat this??

Nom nom nom nom....

Get ready to fill the bread dough with fillings!
We had tuna mayo and hotdog!

Look at the hotdog nicely shaped...
It was a pretty cool weather and our dough took a much longer time to rise...
so they stayed here for about 5 1/2 hours!
Although there were some hiccups during the session, 
all the kids really enjoyed every moment..

Now..lets look at the happy and proud little bakers!

With the teacher =)

One of my student's mum said that the bread is nicer than store bought ones..
HAHA..i think it's because the bread is made by her she felt the love in it!

It's a very good exercise to conduct this class...
there will be another class tomorrow!
Wish me lots of luck =)


  1. This is so meaningful and all the kid's bakes turned out very well. Great job!

  2. How nice if my kids will like all these kids so enjoy baking.,,so nice of you to conduct this baking class for them, they look so enjoy and have fun.

  3. It's so much fun really :) I think the kids were really enjoying themselves during the baking sessions. Good job!

  4. Wow, the happy faces! It must be fun!

  5. Hi all !! =) Thanks for all the comments..
    I love to see those smiles on their faces..and now parents are amazed that their children make these all by themselves...i only gave them very very little help..

  6. Whn u having another baking session i want to send my kid.