Sunday, June 12, 2011

Durain Layered Cake

My Daddy & Mummy were talking about durian cake a few days ago,
they often patron this home baker.
I told them to buy some durian and I will make for them!
I actually woke up at 6.30am to bake again! HAHA!
I hope I will not do it again, because at such an early hour, I was still quite blur and got the measurement of the sugar wrong + beat the egg too fast!
So..the cake was not as moist & fine compared to my previous try.
Kind of regret..

Now look at some happy stuffs~
A slice for my man...
As you can see from the pictures, it was a gloomy day...

I love to see the innards of cakes!
It's just like unwrapping some presents,
not knowing how it looks like until you cut it open!

Special gift for my family...

This is how theirs look like..I really need to brush up on my creaming skills!
It may not be a pretty cake, 
but it's filled with my hard work and effort!

This is for my man...he loves it! Ate quite a lot! 
For the cream, I used Pour & Whip. It's good!! better than the other brand that I've used previously..
As for the Sponge cake, I used THIS RECIPE (Click to view)
I used 2 boxes for durian for these 2 cakes,
 removed flesh from the seed then puree 1/4 of the durian
 followed by mixing the puree with a portion of whipped cream, 
, the rest of the durian flesh were placed on this cream for the inner layer of the cake.


  1. wow ur cake got me drooling away while i was reading ur post, scrolling you got me craving for durians!!

  2. Durian!! My mouth can't stop watering! Actually I have never been such a huge fan of durians, but now I live in Germany I do crave for durians sometimes ;).

    Btw, do you play the piano pieces which are playing as the background music here? If yes, what a wonderful job! I love the main theme of Forrest Gump and I am still searching for the piano notes online but have got no success so far (probably because I am looking for the free one ;)).

  3. wow! thinking about this cake already made me drool a pail! so yummy and look so pretty :)

  4. Wow, so yummy! I love durians, and I know now is the season but I haven't tasted them yet...I love the plate you used to serve the cake, so sweet.

  5. Jean..i think most of the pple love durians ya! make some durian goodies for me to see soon! =)

    CG..somehow durian is so Asian and when u r in a western country, all these become so precious..hehe..
    & sorry huh.. I did not play the main theme of forrest gump..I'm also always looking for free piano scores! I mean if there's free ones then why buy them..hehehe.. i guess u can play the piano well, if not you wont be asking for this song!!

    Alice..whoah! A pail!!!! HAHA..thank you for your kinds words!!!

    Min..=) thank u!! I love sweet plates but i refrain myself from buying..always having a tug of war in the shops! HAHA!!