Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch : Yogurt with Blueberries, Kiwi & Cornflakes (weight loss)

I really need lots of determination for reducing my weight!
I tend to start on the journey for like 1 - 2 weeks, then forget all about it...and started to eat crazily!

Few weeks ago, my weight really went up a lot and I looked and felt so bloated..
I had frequent headaches..was very lethargic most of the time...
I was even lightheaded after meals...I guess it's the blood pressure and sugar warning me that I'm crossing the safe line....

So I stopped all the junk food about 2 weeks ago.
Now..I've lost 3kg+...
I need to go on and remember about this mission!
when I've reached my ideal weight, I can start to make future plans to expand our family =)
I just need to be healthy...this can avoid any complications during pregnancy...
I'll give myself another half a year~
starting from now!

My breakfasts are always pretty simple,
maybe a slice of bread or a fruit.

As for lunch, I will have some carbohydrates, protein and fiber...

Today's lunch is this...
Yogurt with kiwis, blueberries and cornflakes!
cornflakes gives a crunch, so i can munch on them...

Nowadays, I don't feel hungry easily anymore...
If not I will always crave for food...sinful food like KFC..fried chicken wing..french fries..
All the fried stuffs...
I will still take fried stuffs occasionally..I was just too extreme previously...

So what ingredients did I use in this?
A low fat yogurt,
a handful of blueberries,
1 kiwi,
about 2 Tbsp of cornflakes.
I was suspicious about the yogurt's sugar content.
how weird it is that amount of sugar was not mentioned.
It was on offer, so I grabbed it.
I will normally get greek yogurt with no stabilizers or gelatine..and with less sugar content...
I feel so sleepy now...must be the high sugar content... =(

Anyway please wish me luck for my weight loss journey!!!!


  1. Very nice picture. I love it.

  2. Your photography skill have improve alot. Well done. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. hi coraine!

    for yoghurt i think nestle non-fat plain yoghurt is good, no added sugar if i didnt rmb wrongly. or try paul's natural? :)

    jiayou for your weight loss regime! healthy lifestyle is cultivated slowly.
    you can do it. :)