Thursday, June 23, 2011

My 1st Baking Workshop for Kids!

Today will be the 1st time conducting my very own baking workshop for kids!
I'm pretty excited about it...
I've conducted music group classes for toddlers to baking class in groups...
hmmm....I think it will be a whole new experience!  =D

I'm gonna conduct the class in a room...
my man & I spent sometime moving our dining table, 2 small tables, 1 coffee table and chairs into the room.
Feel like we are going to have some conference..hehehe..

So what am I going to teach the kids?
We are going to bake 3 goodies!
My objective is for the kids to have 100% hands on 
and everything will be made from scratch by themselves.
Sounds ambitious huh? I believe in them!
----------------------'s the menu~
1st will be...Home baked buns! 

I made some yesterday just to re-confirm that it works well...

Soft sweet buns! =) 
My man loves them! 
He cannot stop eating them...

2nd bake will be..Marshmallow Brownies!
May not look that pretty but it's very popular among the kids! =)

And what's the 3rd? 
My family and friend's all time favourite~!

I've got everything's just the sleep that I need now...
it's 12.20am.. Zzzzzzz...
Have a good night my readers! =)


  1. Wow, baking with kids...!! I know it's heaps of work, but at least all you enjoyed it, the buns look especially good :)!!

  2. Sure does sound fun!
    This reminds me of my cooking classes with my 13 year old students.

  3. It's fun baking with kids I think. I'm sure the kids will love what you've worked out for them :)

  4. Hey CG..yes.....really heaps of i know it's not so easy..i actually lost 1kg+ after one day..hahaha

    Wendy~ whoah you are teaching baking!?!?

    Min..Yes it's really fun.esp looking at that happy faces...! Looking at the pictures now makes me smile too..