Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weight Loss Updates : Seeing & Feeling Progress

This was my dinner for yesterday...
Short grain brown rice porridge with Batang fish, xiao bai cai and egg drop.
Notice if you buy those porridge sold in stalls,
there are no vegetable served. I cannot live without vegetable for a day.
I will feel really uneasy, so when I eat out, there must be vegetables which comes with the food.

Mummy is my supplier for fish! 
She will help me buy lots and I will cook it slowly.
I bought the whole batang 2 weeks ago,
and there's still more than half left...
I like to substitute all other meats with fish to have a healthier diet...

For now, I'm feeling good! =)
No more headaches or lightheadedness...!
& weight is dropping...!


  1. We both have a good mum, my mum also helping me buying fresh fish. So till now i still don't know how to choose a good fish , hehehe...

  2. Yes! we have good mums!! =) I think i will rely on her till don't know when..hehehehe

  3. Hello (again)!
    Your porridge looks amazing! So many colours and a balanced diet! My mum makes really nice fish porridge for me, and always insist on buying fresh fish (shen yu pian) cause she say they are good for health. I used to hate fish porridge and would rather pork porridge and century egg but now i have come to realise the hard work my mum puts in when make porridge for me so i love her for that! :D