Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Egg in a Basket

This egg in a basket was really popular among food bloggers quite sometime ago.
When I was staying with my parents, I didn't succeed a single time in baking it.
Either the egg white leaked out of the bread, or the egg was not cooked right.
Maybe I should blame it on the oven  =p

The egg should be runny like half boiled egg.

And this time i made it for my breakfast~ finally succeeded!
It's a rare breakfast for me, 
as my breakfasts are always light.
Just a fruit, or a slice of wholemeal bread. 
Since it's the last day of my "HOLIDAY",
I decided to make it. For myself...

All ready to eat!
With fork, knife and spoon =)

So..the little teaspoon is for me to scoop the runny egg!

It should be an enjoyable meal..
but somehow... eating this alone is really no fun...
I think it's true that we need to eat with love ones to enjoy~~!
But hey, while I was digging in...
My Piano was looking at me so innocently! =)
She wants some too!
Isn't she cute????


  1. Very nice pic of your dog. She is so cute. Your egg is cooked to the perfect texture...I can imagine that it is super yummy on toast.

  2. Zoe.. =) she's a little devil! And i think making the egg in a basket needs attention while baking to get the right runny egg.. Thanks!!

    Irene~~very easy to make !!

  3. I never saw a red (whites) egg. It was awful. I tried beating it up to see if there was an embryo, but there was none so I just threw it out.