Sunday, January 16, 2011

RED Egg White!!!

This title tells all !!

I freaked out after beating this egg!
I went Eeeeeeeeeewwwwww all the way~~~~~~
Is it safe for consumption!?!?

Any1 had the same experience as me?
I was about to beat it into my soup, 
and saw blood red stuffs, so I quickly stopped!
a few drops actually went into my soup....
it was cooked and became blood clots. 
I scooped the clots up and drank the soup as usual.
Although I find it quite yucky~I didn't wanna waste food.. =)


  1. Gosh...this is really disgusting...if my kids see this, think they never eat eggs again.


  2. last time when I wanted to bake a cake, i had already break 3 eggs in the bowl and the last egg was like red egg, sian , i had to thrown away all the eggs.

  3. HAHA..Lyn..i think its hard to get this! first time in my life~ so " lucky " !!

    Jess..Yes i was totally disgusted by it! but the other eggs are OK..weird..

    Irene...means u had the same encounter as me?? was it as red as mine??

  4. ya I was stunned at 1st then quickly thrown away the eggs.

  5. I found a website that says it means they are spoiled eggs. Cloudy whites are fresh eggs, clear transparent whites are older eggs and the reddish whites are spoiled eggs. Also if you put an egg in cold water and it sinks its good but if it floats throw it out. Just an fyi .... :)

  6. Hi-
    I just cracked open an egg like this one -- it was super traumatic! I told some people and they didn't comprehend at first that it was the WHITE that was red!

    We're not talking a "red-ish" egg white, but a RED egg white!

    Good for you for taking a picture. I am usually not squeamish at these sorts of things but I immediately put it down the disposal because I was so freaked out.

    Apparently, in the olden days people would crack each egg in a saucer to make sure it was OK before then putting it in the batter or whatever.

  7. I got one tonight. Means it's fertilized. Completely fine to eat.

    1. I found one the other day. This was a fresh egg from my chickens that just started laying about 2 weeks ago. I don't have any Roosters so I'm not convinced that this blood comes from the egg being fertilized, there has to be another explanation.

    2. Absolutely DOES NOT mean the egg is fertilized. When people assume without the education to make a educated answer you are risking people's lives! This is a bacteria and is not safe to eat!

  8. I just got one of those. Right in the cookie mix, but it was on the edge so I scooped it out and put in another one.

  9. I just cracked open an egg and the white part was red. My poor son was hungry for eggs but lost his appetite.