Monday, January 31, 2011

Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Pudding

My house has quite a number of decorative ornaments..
They are mainly animal themed...
I love the country style soothing and makes me feel really comfortable...
I'm always happy when people come into my house and mention the word "cozy"...
That's what I want my guest to feel...and seriously, 
whenever I'm at home I don't even feel like stepping out!

Let me introduce one of my favourite ornament =)
It's hung in my kitchen!
Besides being an ornament, it has 3 hooks at the bottom and I can hang my keys.

The mooooooooooo...
so cute!

I love animals a lot, and in the beginning, I wanted my kitchen to be "meat free".
Means no eating or cooking of any meat in this house.
After moving in, I tried to stop my family from bringing meat in. 
And I don't buy any too. 

After awhile, I find that it's hard. 
I have guests around sometimes, and it's hard to cook without meat sometimes.
So I broke my own rule.
There's Chicken, Pork, Fish and Seafood in my freezer now!
As for mutton and beef..BIG NO NO...
I've not touched them for nearly 3 years I think...
I will start to cut down on meat intake after Chinese New Year again!

And in this post, there's no meat, just milk =)
The Hokkaido 3.6 Milk!
Hokkaido's 3.6 is a kind of premium milk.
I bought 2 cartons from Meidi-ya supermarket.
It costs $6+ each. 
I feel that it's worth the money.
After drinking, you will know why! =)
I don't know how to describe it, it's just different!!

After getting the milk, 
an idea popped out in my mind...
Why not make some pudding with it. Since it's thick!
And I have many boxes of Kanten in my cupboard..
I think it can last me for a few years!
Previously, I used it for diet purposes..I may start using it again!
Anyway Kanten is a 0 calorie kind of seaweed extract agar agar powder.
I will make some nice desserts with Kanten soon!

Here's my Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Pudding!
Look at the milk carton...
you may be interested to get it!

The recipe is very simple to follow...
I made it up myself, and I only used 3 ingredients.
don't wanna mix in too many ingredients because I wanna keep it close to original.

One of my favourite spoon...Loves...

The soft and silky pudding...
Try it!!

Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Pudding

300g Hokkaido 3.6 Milk
3 Tbsp Sugar

1.  Heat milk & sugar over low heat in a saucepan/pot.
2. When there's small bubble at the sides, sprinkle Kanten into the hot milk.
3. Stir well and let it heat further for 2-3minutes.
4. Remove from heat and sieve milk into individual cups.
5. Let it cool to room temperature.
6. Transfer to the fridge, for at least 1 hour. Serve cold.


  1. This is such an interesting recipe. I've never heard of it before, but it sounds like a great sweet treat. I have a linky party going on at my blog right now called "Sweets for a Saturday" and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your pudding up.

  2. Hi Lisa..Thanks for popping by and I've linked this post to Sweets for a Saturday.. Thank you so much!

  3. Such a simple recipe! It sounds and looks delicious! :) My son hate to drink milk but he might like this....let me make it and see if he'll give a second chance to milk! LOL....otherwise, I'm sure my baby girl will eat it all up! :P Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Have a wonderful week.

  4. A very tasty and simple recipe, love it! Thanks for dropping by, have a great week ahead!

  5. Hi Amy~ =)
    So what do you let your sound eat/drink to substitute milk?
    Thanks for visiting here, and have a happy holiday!

    Hello Lani =)
    Yeah its really simple to make! Try it! And thanks for popping by!

  6. Where do u get your glass containers from? The one that u use to put the pudding. Thanks.

    1. from what i look... It look like chicken essence bottle.