Monday, November 15, 2010

The Kanten Diet (The Natural Way)

This is Kanten 寒天
My uncle introduced this to me, 2 weeks ago. 
It's a kind of Japanese Agar Agar Powder made from 100% seaweed extract.

How to use it?
there's 4 sachet in a box, 
dissolve one sachet in half mug of VERY HOT BOILING WATER.
It must thicken in order to work.

Drink it before your meal. 
It's meant to trick your body into believing that you are feeling full,
hence you will actually take in less food.

Since 2 weeks ago till now, I'm only on my 4th sachet.
Not very hardworking on this plan, 
only drink it before some day's dinner.
But i feel that my appetite has became smaller.

Another thing to take note of when you take this is,
you have to drink lots of water! At least 8 glasses a day.
& according to my uncle, it will block out some of the food's nutrients,
so not advisable to take for a long period. 

I searched online, and a website stated that some people got choked by this too.
As it's very thick~
So take extra care if you want to try.

It helped diabetic people to regulate their blood sugar by taking in less food.
And people who are obese benefits from it too.
Although weight loss result is slower than all those crash diets,
I feel healthier, as I still get to eat the things that I want to,
just in a smaller portion and there will be less cravings for food~

You can get it @ Medi-ya, Liang Court,
$4.50 per box, 
not cheap, can just get one box first to just try it out.

If you are not using it for diet purposes, 
with Kanten, you can whip up lots of delicious food and desserts!
I will show mine soon! =)
Hope all these information helped.


  1. I really need a packet of that!! I wanna make agar agar or something similar!

  2. Yeah! Does Australia have it??
    It's a very healthy alternative to random agar agar powder and gelatin! =)

  3. Is kanten different from agar agar powder? They seem so much more expensive!