Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Photoshoot Pictures

Another 2 pictures to share!
Since I'm not wearing the same gowns on my actual day...i think it's OK to show first. =)
These 2 pictures are taken towards the end of the session,
and my smile was already stiff, my cheeks and lips were trembling! 

The actual wedding gown for the photoshoot..
And supposed to look like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
Oops..but I failed, look more like Princess Fiona in Shrek!!

The Japanese costume~! 
HAHA! U know previously when I went to Korea about 3 years ago,
I wore their Hanbok, and looked sooooo crappy!!!
Luckily I still look OK in Japanese costume..HEHE.

Something new to share,
I'm on another kind of diet now.
Tested and proven.
Will share with all of you after trying out!! 


  1. you look pretty.

    Ok waiting for your new diet try out.

  2. You and your hubby look great! Happy preparation for your big day! :)

  3. Hi Irene! =) Ermm..which Irene is this? HAHA..should be piglet right..WAHAHAHA

    Elaine..thank u so so much for coming..HEHE!!!

  4. Hey you're really pretty. (:
    Do share the diet asap.
    Wanted to give it a try too ^^

  5. Thanks Joey!!
    Ok i will share~~wait for my good news..