Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegetarian Shrooms Fried Rice

Sorry for the lack of post...
I was down with flu, sore throat and fever for the past 3 days,
and my wedding is next week! 
Luckily it did not happen on my big day.

The day before I fell sick, 
I made this for dinner...

2 kinds of mushrooms in the fried rice,
Enoki and Shitake...
Just fry garlic in oil and stir fry all the ingredients together with some Japanese Sukiyaki Sauce..
& done~ very easy~
OK I know all these are boring food..

I'm craving for some sinful desserts right now!
After my wedding, I will bake all sorts of evil desserts!!!
Wait for me!! =p


  1. Look nice.

    Wedding next week so fast. Post more of your wedding photos after your big day : )

    Cheesecake, chocolate cake, butter cookies.... heee......*wink*

  2. hey coraine,

    hope you are feeling better now. Do have lots of rest whenever you can. take care ya. All the best to your Big Day!

  3. Helloz Irene~! OK..i will try to post more~ if they are nice..WAHAHAHA..And i cant wait to bake all those sinful food!

    Bakertan..thank u very much for your concern.
    The flu bugs are still with me. demoralised..HEHE..