Friday, November 12, 2010

Konnyaku - Eat And Lose Weight!

Some may be wondering..
What are these dark in colour slimy looking thing..
They are actually Konnyaku (Devil's Tongue).
For Chinese, they call it 蒟蒻,
& many more names.

I first had konnyaku when I was really young,
I didn't know that it's such a wonderful food,
until my blog reader, Tricia from Canada told me about it 2years ago.
Thanks Tricia! =)

What's Konnyaku?
It's made from Konnyaku potato some call it yam and calcium (may be extracted from eggshells)
If I'm not wrong, 90+% of the block is water.

It does not have fat, rich in dietary fibre and is low in calories. 
It can normalise cholesterol level, blood sugar and pressure!
Isn't it wonderful?!
A more interesting part is, it helps in losing weight too!
as 1 serving  only contains 10 calories!
So, just substitue your rice/noodles/pasta with Konnyaku,
your calorie intake will be definitely much lower!

Konnyaku is jelly like but much more chewy and harder.
Have to really chewy properly before swallowing,
many people got choked by attempting to suck Konnyaku like a jelly.
& another reason for chewing properly is that Konnyaku doesn't break down in our body!
Sounds scary? 
You just have to chew patiently! =D

My simple lunch here...
Miso soup base with sliced Konnyaku, fish and vegetables.
I guess this meal is really low in calorie!

You can get it from Meidi-ya or cold storage.
Any brand will do...

I bought the cheapest brand..cost $2.45 for 1 block.
Look out for this grandmother! =)

Happy dieting!
More to share with all of you soon~


  1. Ohh it's made of yam???? I thought they look quite similar to fish cakes but obviously very much darker in color :)

  2. Hello. Thanks for sharing. Will buy that soon. Will you share the diet pleab soon asap? Keen to try it too. Hehe:)

  3. How to cook the konnyaku?
    Hope to see more of your diet sharings soon


  4. Hi coraine,

    can't seems to get the konnyaku from cold storage.
    Any idea it'll usually be placed at where side?

  5. Hi Kimberly =) Actually it's made from a plant called conjac? HAHA..but they call the fruit yam..weird..but it's actually not that kind of yam that we have here.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Which cold storage did you go to? Actually come to think of it, only those really big stores have them.Like Great world city. Or you can go to Mediya.
    I will tell more about the diet in my next post~

    Joey..I just put konnyaku into any soup and cook them till the soup boils. but actually there's many ways of eating them. Will post more ways..

    Linlin..HAHA!!! If i tell you u must follow ok? =)

  6. Hi Corraine ... LOL ... how do you like it?? I prefer the noodle kind from the block. I remember my Japanese girlfriends would eat this whenever they want to go on a diet!!!

    I had the Konnyaku noodle for lunch yesterday ... Yummy!!

    BTW, after you slice it you can cut the middle and "twist" ... it will look very "pretty".

  7. Hey Tricia! I prefer it in the noodle form too!

    what did u cook with konnyaku?

    u mean make a cut in the middle and it will twist? or i have to twist it? HAHA.confusing~~