Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nabemono, The Japanese Steamboat

Nabemono...nabe stands for big cooking pot and mono for things.
The one pot wonder..
prepare, wash, arrange. Done!

Add water...
And I added sukiyaki soup base for short cut =p

This is Shirataki.
Konnyaku in the noodle form.
They have it in 2 colours, white and dark grey.

Now I personally prefer Shirataki,
as it's easier to eat!

Anyone went to buy Kanten??????


  1. Oh...nice and healthy! I like to have this dish for my dinner too :D

  2. Coraine.. is there anyway to block me from your blog? haha cause I always come here see all the nice food... so near yet so far.. =( block me pleasE!

  3. Slurp!!! yummy!! I want some!!

  4. Zoe..hehe..very easy to make, you can have it too!!

    Coconuts..Oh soooo sorry! popover here with heehaw one day..make an appointment first..WAHAHAHA

    Tricia...I guess weather should be really cooling there right now, just right for some steamboat!!