Monday, April 4, 2011

这一碗饺子汤叫做幸福 (Dumplings Filled with Happiness)

I told my man this bowl of dumpling soup is called 幸福 (Happiness)
Why did i name it as 幸福?
Because we made the dumplings together, and it's actually late at night =)
I made the skin from scratch and he wrapped it with fillings.
think I'll make this kind of session a twice a month affair..
it really gave us some "together time".
We don't get to spend a single entire day in the week together, 
because of our working time.
And when we are back at home, we will be busy with our own stuffs.
So this will be a really nice activity for us! =D

This time round I made the skin much thinner.
It's a lot softer and I used lean grounded meat totally instead of mixing with oily ones, 
plus added some freshly chopped prawn paste.
It still yielded great dumplings!

For the dumpling's recipe, click HERE


  1. I will be happy too eating this bowl of dumplings..yummy.

  2. Maybe I should ask my husband too to make dumpling together with me, but I think he'd refuse...;)!

  3. HEHE..Zoe..yeah i think most of the Chinese will love dumplings!

    CG..u can try asking! =) maybe he will!? It's really fun~

  4. Hi, yummy dumplings and nice photography skill.