Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Loss Update : 2kg in a Week

1 week passed so quickly...
now I've increased my exercising time from 25 to 30 minutes.
I don't feel that tired anymore.
And no more huff and puffs after crossing a overhead bridge! HAHA!
My blood pressure has gone down a little too,
keep my fingers crossed.

I did not control my diet that strictly this time round,
For some dinners, I had pizzas, hokkien mee and roast chicken!
I think it's the exercising part which helped more. 
I realised that if I only eat healthy, without exercising,
my metabolism rate will still be low! So my weight's always stuck.
Now that I've triggered it, things are getting easier.

My way of exercising is very simple,
just jog on the spot while watching tv!
I may look a bit dumb doing that, but it really works!
And I don't need to get out of my house at all... excuse for rain or anything else!

I've lost 2kg in a week..
hope that this will continue!
Previously, I've lost 15kg by eating right and exercising.
and wasted all my efforts by putting on 11kg back! I am to continue this journey...
to achieve a better health for myself!!


  1. hey Coraine, jiayou!! support you :)

  2. Hi Coraine, I wish I have 1/2 of your determination to start exercising, your post make me want to start my plan too. JiaYu!!

  3. Hi Jean and Ah Tze..HAHA!! thank both of you for the support! it's gonna be hard..i will try my best!!

  4. Hello Coraine,
    It will take time and support. I find the best support is to find a exercise partner account for each other - therefore you will keep it up. I go to the gym 4X a week and workout about 1 1/2 hrs and I am 56 yrs - I am not overweight but like to have my diabetic, cholesterol in check. Keep it up you can make it.

  5. Hi Coraine, I recently had a scare when my blood pressure went up to 160/90. so, now try to incorporate exercise and dieting into my life. It is so difficult as I love to eat and I have very unhealthy BMI...After doing brisk walking for a week, the rainy weather started and now have to stop the exercise. I think I should follow you and run on the spot too. do you jog barefooted on the spot? Anyway, you are such an inspiration...

  6. Hi Christine, yes you are absolutely right! And you really work out quite alot! in that rate do you lose weight? because you are not overweight.. =) just curious..

    Hey Joyce! Glad to receive your comment here, we are in the same boat...actually you can walk on the spot too! no problem with that..i started to do that previously, walk first then slowly increase the speed to jog.'s a bad demo..but I jog barefooted. you can email me we can talk more! =)