Monday, April 25, 2011

5 Recipes to Celebrate Easter!

What will you bring along with you for an Easter party?!
I was invited by Cooking share what will I be bringing for the virtual party...
I have to suggest 5 - 10 recipes with pictures plus the links and then tag another 10 bloggers to do the same.

So here I am..joining in the fun!

To dip into the thick soup...

The main course...

A side dish!

  to end the meal with a chocolaty moist cake!

That's my 5 recipes..~
How I wish I can join the blogger's potluck in reality!  =)

I have no idea who to tag for the time being..ermm..CG..can I just leave it as like this? HEHE..!!


  1. You are a PROfessional!


  2. Thanks for joining the Easter party, Coraine. That's a lovely menu! That's of course ok if you have no one to tag, Easter is somehow over anyway, I invited people too late I suppose ;).

  3. Coraine, that's a nice round up of dishes for Easter.

  4. Hi !Jaylen's Papa! Thanks for popping by..hope to see u here often =)

    Hoho CG..thank you for the compliment..and of course your menu is much better !!!! HAHA!!

    Quay Po! =) THanks for have a nice blog! I will follow it..