Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4th December has Passed....

Finally..our wedding is over and I'm back blogging!
My daily life was a bit hay-wired for the past 1 week..
too too too busy!
And i definitely failed in my diet plan..HEHE..i looked gigantic~
but anyway it's over, and nothing can be done.

2 photos for sneak preview of my wedding day...
these are my fun loving brothers and sisters....
they are all couples, plus us, there's 5 couples together~!
they helped us through the whole day long...
and we were all tired!
If not for them, our wedding will be boring and in a mess..
a BIG thank you to all !!

this is @ my parents' place..Lagoon View,
scenery is much nicer..
and it was drizzling...

Although i heard many complains about the banquet service and food, a bit disappointed.
I'm still glad that friends were there for us when we needed them...

Will blog about food soon again!! 
No more diet formulas for me for the time being!! HEHE!!


  1. congrats! 祝你们白头偕老百年好合永结同心早生贵子!

  2. Congratulations Coraine!!! Can't wait to hear more on your wedding!!! Love your Chinese Costume. So pretty!!

  3. Congrats!! You look great! Have a blissful Marriage!

  4. Congrats.......post more pics to share with us your big day....gong xi gong xi......


  5. Congratulations! Such an auspicious day. I'm sure it was memorable and blissful! Please do share more photos. Wedding photos bring much happiness, hope and faith to the world. Thank you for showing the two lovely photos. Looks like everyone had fun! ^o^

  6. wow! I just have the chance to come accross yor blog today, and have this as a good news!
    Congrats to you and Tommy, Coraine! Wish u have a blissful marriage!

  7. Hey thanks ladies..for all the lovely comments!! HAHA~~

    I hope all those wishes will come true..thank u so so much once again!!