Saturday, March 19, 2011

Healthy Bi-Colour Corn Vegetable Soup

Have you ever used Bi-colour corn in your cooking?
It has 80% yellow and 20% white kernels. 
 It's not anything new but after searching for the health benefits of corn, 
it's known that cooking the corn will retain it's antioxidant activity
despite the loss of Vitamin C.
Plus, cooked corn has significant antioxidant activity 
which has been suggested to reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer. (Wikipedia)
I hope it's true =)

The healthy oil-less vegetarian soup!
I love the colour combination!

We ate it with rice alone without seasoning, 
to taste the original sweetness of the combined vegetables.

My man is down with fever, flu and cough,
I hope this nutritious soup will help him to recover real soon!


Healthy Bi-Colour Corn Vegetable Soup
(Serves 2 )

1 Bi-colour Corn
3 Stalks Celery
3 Baby Carrots
1000ml Water
3 Tbsp Wolfberries
Seasoning to taste

1. Clean all vegetables thoroughly. 
2. Cut corn into half, carrots and celery into 1 inch pieces.
3. Combine vegetables with water and boil over high heat for 8 minutes.
4. Turn to low heat and let it simmer for 1 hour. (or let it cook in your thermal cooker)
5. Wash wolfberries and add into the soup, bring to a boil once again.
6. Season as desired with salt/soy sauce and serve.



  1. Hi Coraine,

    Next time chop up the corn into smaller pieces about 5-6 pieces and cooked with chicken.
    By chopping into smaller pieces, the juice and sweetnes will sip easier into the soup.
    Adding chicken is esp good for your man when he's down with cold.

  2. You always make super healthy food, well done, Coraine :)! Happy Weekend!

  3. Hi Lynn..long time no see!
    How's your oven in the end?? know my ceramic knife is very small, so i cannot cut, i just used my hands to break into half! HEHE..

    Hey CG..
    HEHE..guess what..i ate kfc after that meal!!!! So disappointed with myself...i wasted all those healthy food..have a great weekend with ur hubby too!

  4. My new oven coming in this fri, has to top up $399 lah....but at least i can removed the glass to clean. Current one is screwed and not encouraged to remove. This new one just need to release a lever and glass can be removed.

    p/s: cannot give u a chopper as gift hoh...u so cute why @ home no chopper?

  5. whoah 399 is alot...scary~~~ so how much u gona spend in total plus your previous oven? so it's the same model as mine now?

    HAHA! because I dont chop meat or chicken, i just cut fruits and vegetables, and some soft meat. so i didnt buy any chopper..

  6. total i paid $499 + $399...hahaha
    no choice lah, i can't stand the oil stains on the glass it bothers me alot.
    Hmm...i'm not sure does yrs has a lever to just press and release the glass?
    i got my knife and chopper from the NTUC exchange, very sharp. k...i need bec i usually buy whole chicken from NTUC and divide into smaller portions for cooking.

  7. Wah!! thats very ex..can buy a premium oven with that money~~~~ oh my..they take this chance and earn your money..,very bad..

    why dont u ask the butcher to cut for u? HAHA