Tuesday, March 29, 2011

我们的家常菜 Hokkien Mee

This is one of our 家常菜 (Home cooked food)

The Hokkien Mee..
My mummy is a Hokkien, and she passed this recipe down to me  =)
I used to prepare ingredients for her and stand beside while she's cooking.
After many years of observation, I started to cook this when I was like 20.
Wanna thank my mummy for passing this precious skill to me.

Normally we will include prawns, fishcakes, pork and fish,
but to make it a little bit healthier, I omitted pork and added lots of vegetables.
It still tasted the same..and after one serving, it's not enough...same for my man.. =)

The dark noodles glistening with oil...
It's heavenly, but for me, it can only be eaten once in a while,
There's lots of oil and colouring in there  =p
although my mum cooks it like once every 2 weeks.

I used this Best Dark Soya Sauce.
It's really thick and better!
Especially when it comes to cooking Hokkien Mee..

So what's your family's 家常菜 (home cooked food)?
Come share with me!   =D


  1. My aunt also recommended this dark soya bean sauce to us, this must taste really good. Anyway, just for curiosity, what camera are you using and did you use a flash?

  2. Hihi! =) nice to hear from you again! Yeah u must really buy that dark soy sauce!
    I'm using 50D, with 18-200mm...
    and I don;t use flash..natural light is the best! =D

  3. they look so delicious! my mom has stopped cooking for a while because of our liquid schedule :( you make me miss her cooking!!

  4. My parents are Hokkien too, but only my mum can speak Hokkien, the noodles look fantastic :)!

  5. Hi Jean! Call your mum and tell her you miss her..HEHE..and her cooking!

    Hey CG..Oh then do you speak Hokkien? HEHE..

  6. Hi Coraine,

    I've been following your blog for sometime. Can share the recipe? My husband loves hokkien noodles and I am thinking of cooking some for him.

  7. Hi Mei Qian, thanks for leaving a msg!
    Yeah no problem for sharing the recipe, but i don't do any measurements.
    Will cook it again and measure the quantity then post it up..=) stay tuned!!