Monday, March 21, 2011

Salmon Makizushi 巻寿司

Talking about sushi(s) and maki(s), 
the first thing which comes into my mind is....
It's a must for me!
I will top the rice with a pile of wasabi,
I love the kind of thrill so much...
I do not eat with shoyu at all,
I think it totally covers the original taste of the food!

My Salmon Makizushi...

They are quite large in size!

I made them into gunkan(s) too...
The salmon's really fresh..very soft and filled with fish oil...
Omega 3~!
Did I mention before that salmon belly is my favourite? =)

And made these 2 cuties with the left over rice and salmon!
I know they look kind of weird~~please don't laugh at me =p


 Salmon Makizushi 巻寿司

2 Cups Short Grain Rice
2 3/4 Cup Water
2/3 Cup Rice Vinegar

1. Cook rice in rice cooker and mix rice vinegar while rice is very hot.
2. Fan the rice while mixing.
3.  Mix rice from time to time until it has cooled down completely.
4. Set aside.

300g Fresh Salmon
1 Medium Japanese Cucumber (Cut into long stripes, 1/2cm in diameter)

2 Sheets of Nori

1. Steam salmon using medium heat for 8 minutes.
2. Remove from heat, let cool and pick bones out.
3. Use fork to separate meat.
4. Mix rice with salmon and mix well.
5. Lay some salmon rice on the nori sheet and place cucumber in the middle.
(Watch how to wrap a maki HERE, I used a mould instead)
6. For cutting, dip knife into water to avoid sticking and cut it into 6 pieces.
7. Serve with wasabi.



  1. OHHHHH。。。。。 nice looking。。。the 2 cuties look so cute...

    Too bad I dont like to eat fish... dont like the fishy smell... : p

    I only buy for the 3 monsters to eat.

  2. Yummy!!! I want some!!!

  3. u don't eat fish at all?? HEHEHEHEHE...

    Tricia..OK fly over!!! =)