Sunday, March 20, 2011

Low Calorie Soy Milk Strawberry Jelly

Korean strawberries are on sale in supermarkets again!

Look at these cuties..
they are really sweet to the max!

I love them!
Don't you??  =)

Look at this measuring spoon,
I received it as a wedding favour last year...
It's definitely a useful gift for a cooking/baking person like me!

A heap of love!
What a romantic way to describe A Tablespoon...
The teaspoon's words were not clear,
so here it's written as 'a spoonful of affection'

And's my Soy Milk Strawberry Jelly!
I know it's weird to use parsley for decoration *laughs*
but that's the only 1 i have in my fridge.
I bought one big packet and only used very little, such a waste!

Cut it open and you can see the fresh red strawberries!
We ate this in the morning and it's amazing!
Made us feel fresh and alert instantly!
Moreover, it's low in calorie and sugar!
Nothing will go bad with Kanten.... =)
Click here for the benefits of Kanten...
Isn't it a great dessert/snack?

I'm gonna submit this to Jess from Bakericious again!
For the Aspiring Bakers #5 (Fruity March)!


Low Calorie Soy Milk Strawberry Jelly

200g Reduced Sugar Soy Milk
200 g Water
1 Tbsp Sugar
4g Kanten

1. Heat soy milk and water with sugar on medium heat till it comes to a small boil.
2. Add kanten and turn to high heat. Let it boil for 2 minutes. It must thicken.
3. Place strawberries in heatproof containers and pour liquid into the containers through sieve.
4. Let it sit at room temperature till it has set.
5. Place in refrigerator till cold and serve with more fruits.



  1. I LOVE your measuring spoons! If I had those, I'd measure things out all the time...just to use them :) haha...

    This jelly looks really pretty :) I wish we had nice strawberries like those now....

  2. Nice , will try to make for my 2 little monsters.

  3. This looks so pretty...! Definitely something I want to try in the future :D)!!

  4. Hi Von! =) Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for your compliments...hehe..hope to see your comments coming!

    Irene..yes make this... =D but i think kids may like it be be sweeter, so just adjust by your taste..

    CG..Yeah..and it's there's no fat..HEHE..healthy!

  5. Very very lovely, mei!!!!

    melts my heart and... im smiling all the way as i scroll down the page!! WOW!! swee la!!

  6. Hey! =) Whose this? does your name starts with T? HEHEHE

  7. Very lovely and refreshing pudding. Great for serving during parties :)

  8. I love it, how you presented it. So romantic and alluring ! I hope it is alright for me to link this page to my article here :