Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Bonus! ~~A Caterpillar~~

This packet of Organic 小白菜 that I've bought was filled with 'surprises' !
First it was a snail..I threw it away thinking that it should be dead...
Few days later.. I found a caterpillar when I was washing the vegetable!

It was flushed onto the sink when i spotted it~
my man and I thought it was dead..
and wanted to throw it away..then we started to examine it..
And hey! it started to wiggle!
I can't bear to throw it, because it's as good as killing it..
So i decided to keep it.. 

I put it in a container with a moist stick, and an organic vegetable which it came together with.
It's now resting on the vegetable peacefully.
It's safe now~

Looking at it closely, it doesn't really look like a caterpillar of a butterfly.
So I searched around and found out that it may be a hawk moth! =)
Moths are not as pretty as butterflies..
but they are living things too~
I will still keep it...

And when it becomes a moth, I will set it free..!

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