Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homemade Pot Sticker Wrappers (自制锅贴皮)

Yesterday while I was at my Taiwanese students' house teaching,
their mummy was wrapping some Pot Stickers (锅贴) ...

Suddenly I felt her motherly love..making those tiny pot stickers one by one slowly with patience,
just for her husband and kids' dinner...

The wrappers she used were from Taiwan and I doubt we can get such good ones in Singapore...
So today...I decided to make 锅贴! with homemade wrappers! =)
It's been nearly a year since I've made some...
And I guess nothing beats homemade ones!

And yeah, here is my homemade 锅贴 wrappers dough!

Wanna make some for your love ones?
Here's my recipe for you! 


Homemade Pot Sticker Wrappers  (自制锅贴皮)
< Makes about 40>

430g All Purpose Flour
30g Corn Flour
1/2 tsp Salt
250ml Warm Water

1. Weigh all purpose, corn flour and salt then combine in a bowl.
2. Add water gradually while mixing with a wooden spoon or spatula.
3. When a dough starts to form gradually, use your hand to knead it slowly, 
and scrape down the sides occasionally.
4. When a dough is formed, leave it to rest for 5 minutes, use a towel to cover.
5. After 5 minutes, knead it for another 5 minutes or until smooth.
6. Let it rest for 5 more minutes, covering with a clean towel before dividing into 1 1/2 tsp balls in size.
7. Sprinkle some flour on your clean worktop and use a rolling pin to flatten the balls until thin.
8. Flour it generously if you are not using it straight away as it will stick onto another skin.
9. Wrap with your favourite filling and cook as desired.

Note : The leftover wrappers can be kept in the refrigerator, in a cling wrap or zip-lock.


Although I spent about 4 hours wrapping + cooking,
I had lots of fun and satisfaction!
Sometimes, I love to slow down my pace after work..
and I think this is a good way!
Moreover, wrapping 锅贴 is definitely a fun family activity!

I will share the filling's recipe after this post!
Stay tuned =)


  1. Can I have 1pc ...hungry...haaa....

    Glad that you enjoy so much..

  2. whoah comment really fast!
    You can make it with your kids too~~ they will be happy to play with the dough..HAHA!!!!

  3. the dough looks perfectly kneaded Coraine, now as much as i love baking, i really do not like to knead and roll haha weird ain't i, and 锅贴 is at its most flavorful when its homemade! kudos to you for being such a patient cooker hehe!

  4. Hi Jess! Thanks for your comment! I think you are more patient than me..HEHE..!
    Hmmmm...maybe im more big sized to knead the dough, so quite effortless! ! Hope to see more goodies from you~!

  5. Wow! Your wrappers looks very nice! Can't wait to see the finished (with filling's) product!!! Yummy!! Yr hubby is a very lucky man!! ;P