Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kimchi in the Making

This is my first time making Kimchi!
Searched around for recipes, 
and I started with the easiest as reference.
It's hard to follow the recipes dot to dot,
so I just made it in my own way in the end...
I used Organic Baby Radish...
As I don't feel comfortable eating raw vegetables which are not organic. 
But for napa cabbage, it's too expensive to buy in the organic section.
So I got to make do with the ones from Australia...

Here's my first kimchi!
Today is the 2nd day of fermentation..
But we started to eat it...can't control anymore..
the smell of the kimchi makes my mouth water whenever I open that cover!

I can't wait to make lots of food with these kimchi..
kimchi fried rice..kimchi soup..kimchi stew..kimchi dumplings and list goes on and on!

Will show the end product soon! 

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