Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homemade Wholemeal Burger Buns

Wanna share one of my encounter with my readers..
This happened in a supermarket in Singapore.
There's a small bakery in there, and there were 2 bakers,
the bread that they are selling are premium and pricey..
I saw one of the baker opened the refrigerator to get the bread dough out,
and guess what?
the dough dropped onto the floor...'s long as he doesn't use it..
But to my horror, he actually picked it up and started to knead it on the worktop!
I can't believe it!
Maybe I shouldn't expect much from outside food,
but I'm quite particular with hygiene when it comes to food handling.
Can anyone accept this? HAHA..I doubt so?

So the thing that I wanna say is...
Nothing beats homemade bread!
Free of preservatives..
Free of bread improver...
Free of artificial flavourings..
But....filled with love!

I love to see theses "babies" rise...
From this...
The Bread's aroma makes me happy...without fail...

After baking..
you can use the fresh bread to make some yummy burgers!
As seen in my previous post...
My portobello mushroom burger~!

make yourself and someone happy today!!


Homemade Wholemeal Burger Buns
(4 Large Buns)

200g High Protein Flour
125g Wholemeal Flour
1 1/2 tsp Yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
190ml water
1 Tbsp Oil
1. Mix  flour, yeast, salt and sugar and form a well in the center.
2. Pour water into the well slowly, 
while mixing in the middle with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula, 
scrapping the sides down ocassionally. 
Keep mixing until you get a sticky dough.
3. Start kneading with your hands, or with a mixer until the dough has a smooth surface.
4. Send the dough for proofing until it has doubled in size.
5. Punch the dough down, divide dough equally into 4 pieces. 
Mould each dough into round shape.
6. Send dough for 2nd proofing, for 15 minutes.
7. Carefully flatten each dough and mould into rounds again.
Flatten each dough into about 1 inch in height.
8. Sprinkle with flour and send  for final proofing for 1 hour.
9. Preheat the oven at 190 degrees, and bake for 25 minutes.
10. Remove from oven immediately and let it cool on wire rack.

* I let my dough proof in the oven*


  1. What a coincidence, just last week I made this wholemeal burger. Your buns looks very soft and yummy and the inside filling also looks too delicious.

  2. Coraine, what you saw unfortunately happens much much more often than what you think. That's why I prefer not to see what the cooks are doing behind the kitchen's door ;).

    Your rolls looks delicious, I need to bake more too, but then, it's quite easy to get inexpensive, delicious rolls here...

  3. Umm..thanks for coming! I'm sure yours are delicious too!!

    Yes CG! I think it's best not to see..but I'm a very 'lucky' person..always finding flies or dirty stuffs in my food too..HEHEHE!!!

  4. nice recipe,
    can i know how much instant yeast?