Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kit's & Sam's Cooking Studio

Bought these 2 Recipe books from Borders yesterday...
I was so proud of myself and can't wait to show the books to my man..
Please don't think that I'm crazy..
it's just that the books were too cheap for me to believe..
just $2 for each!

It's really a great deal as the books are so nicely illustrated and the pictures are all beautiful. 
I love the country feel soooo much!

Other than 25 recipes in each book,
there's a free cookie cutter...
20 table talkers
10 reusable place cards 
It's soooooo worth it! =)

Ok I know I sound like an auntie who grabs for cheap stuffs... =p
But hey, don't you find that it's a good bargain too!?