Sunday, February 6, 2011

Japanese Curry Udon

It's a simple meal to make..because I used instant Japanese curry cubes!
Hope to try making the Japanese curry from scratch one of these days!

The curry went pretty good with the udon~
and i believe that those sold in stores are using instant curry too?
Because it just taste so similar!

My man enjoyed it very much and felt that it's delicious!

Anyway for the udon, I bought it from Meidi-ya...
so far I've bought 2 brands, not that good though. 
I will continue to try other brands till I find the right one! =)


Japanese Curry Udon

1 Large Yellow Onion
2 Large Potatoes
2 Baby Carrots
 1/2 Chicken
4 Instant Curry Cubes
660ml Water

1. Stir fry onion with a little bit of oil, cook till soft and slightly transparent.
2. Add potatoes and carrots, stir for another 1 minute.
3. Drain excess water from chicken and add into the wok.
4. Keep stirring for 2minutes.
5. Pour water and simmer with low fire.
6. When chicken is tender and cooked, remove from heat. 
7. Break the curry cubes and stir in together with the cooked chicken until well mixed.
8. Turn on the fire again and simmer on low heat.
9. Cook for another 3 to 5 minutes and serve hot with udon or rice.


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  1. its actually easier to use dried udon noodles (like pasta)! taste better than the so called fresh udons!