Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All Natural Minstrone Soup from Scratch

I love my food without any preservatives...
For this Minestrone Soup, 
there's whole lot of goodness in there!
It was for our dinner, and nothing else..
Dieting starts now again!
The big day is coming really soon...
I was inspired by the Soup Spoon to cook this.
I had their Meatless Minestrone Soup sometime last week.
& while I was drinking, I thought, hey I think I can make this too!

I did not use any canned tomatoes or beans because I wanna keep this soup healthy!
& used Organic 7 colours dried beans, there are 
  • Adzuki Beans
  • Mung Beans
  • Black Beans
  • Green Split Peas
  • White Kidney Beans
  • Red Split Lentils 
  • Yellow Split Lentils

All Natural Minestrone Soup (Serves 2)

8 Medium Sliced Tomatoes(I choose red ones)
400g Water/Vegetable broth (I used water)
2 Stalks of Cubed Celery
1 Medium Cubed Carrot
1 1/2 Cups of Shredded Cabbage
1/4 Cup of Pasta (I used Alphabet Pasta)
7 Colours Beans ( You can use any beans)
2 Tbsp Dried Basil
1tsp Soy Sauce/Salt

1. Soak beans in water for 4 hours or overnight.
2. Cook the beans and put in thermal cooker for 2 hours.
(Or you can simmer it on low heat)
3. Cook water, tomatoes and dried basil until tomatoes are soft, let it cool down then blend.
4. After blending, bring it back to heat and add in all other ingredients.
Simmer it on low heat or put in the thermal cooker for another 2 hours.
5. When vegetables are soft, season and serve.


  1. Look very hearty and delicious. Got to try making this one day...Thanks for visiting my blog too and hope to hear from you in the future :D

  2. Nice soup. Will try to cook one day but I am only one drinking. Hubby dont like.

  3. Thanks Zoe! =) Yeah u will definitely hear from me, Im a follower of your blog!!

    Irene..how about your girls? HEHE..i think this is good for pple who wanna diet..