Friday, October 1, 2010

Strawberry Cream Cake

My first layered cake!
I used THIS RECIPE in to make the spongecake..
the result is good! 
very soft and spongy..

I do not have proper utensil to cream the cake. 
I used my bread knife instead. So it does not look really neat.

Made 2 small sponge cakes in my ramekins using leftover batter.
I piped the whipped cream using normal plastic bag, 
and hence I get this kind of funny shaped cream. 

When my man reached home from work,
I asked him to open the fridge's door,
and TADAH!
He was shocked~!
He didn't expect this kind of strawberry cake!
Gave half to my family,
and my mummy sent an SMS to me saying that the cake is really nice,
and she loves me very much =)
So sweet right....
That gives me the sense of satisfaction!

So do you want a slice of this?
I've translated the recipe into english for you  =)

Strawberry Cream Cake

140g Cake/Top Flour
4 Egss
30g Milk
206g Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract/Essence
4g Salt
30g Oil
I added a few drops of strawberry colouring 

Preheat the oven @ 180degress.
1. Beat eggs, sugar and salt till 5 times in volume. ( Beat immediately after adding sugar and salt)
2. Add in sieved flour, beat till well mixed.
3. Mix milk, oil, coloring and vanilla with one small portion of batter and mix it back into the big portion.
4. Fill pan till 60 - 70% full and bake for 35 minutes.
5. Wait for it to cool before unmoulding.

For the whipped cream, I did not add any icing sugar because I feel that the cake+strawberries are sweet enough.


  1. Coraine, well done for 1st layer cake! I love using her recipe for sponge cake too, so far no failure for me :).

  2. This looks totally delicious! You have done a great job! I am not good at decorating with cream, your one looks very neat :).

  3. wah,u always make me drool ler. when will i have the honour to taste ?

  4. Hey Thanks Jess..I just baked her chocolate spongecake, very good~! even better than this spongecake.
    And she is a very funny teacher..HAHA!

    CG,.Thank you! Actually mine is kind of untidy too, i think need lots of practice. and look at more videos i guess?

    Elle..Honour!? HAHA~ dont need to be honoured to eat this~! Come to my house after your confinment? WAHAHA