Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing Piano!

This is my doggie, Piano~
For those who are new to my blog may not know Piano..
she's 5 years old~

Loves to eat! 
Loves to sleep!
Hi..My name is Piano!
I'm having Tummy Time with my Mummy!
So comfortable....

I love to observe things around me,
and sometimes stare into blank space...

Waiting for mummy to make some food for me....
I hope she can give me more food...
I'm always hungry ~~

I'm still waiting... =)

Oh by the way, Piano is a chihuahua! =p
you may think that she looks like a Pomeranian, 
because she's so much overweight!
I'm controlling her diet and she lost weight!
These photos were taken 2 months back. 
she looks slimmer now, and hope she will be healthier!

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