Friday, August 27, 2010

A Baking Session soon?

I've threw all my older baking pans and most of the stuffs away b4 moving out from my parent's house.
Bought some new ones!

Should i make some cheesecake? HEHE...
I have a 500g cream cheese sitting in the fridge!

The 1st chiffon cake pan in my life!
So excited! I love to bake chiffon cakes! 

I bought a casserole dish and muffin tray today...
I'm so excited!
And a bit lost...too many things to bake and I don't know which to start with~

Any suggestions!?


  1. Wei... NTUC got promotions for some baking tins.. U got it from NTUC ah?

  2. Helloz!! i bought a muffin tray and casserole dish in ntuc ytd, but there was no promotion~ maybe bcos it's fairprice finest..Ex~~~~bought on impulse!

  3. Bake cheese cake ~~~~Love it ....

  4. OK Soon!
    i don't have a cooling rack now!
    Hey why not open a food blog too? HEHE..wanna see ur food!!

  5. I also bought a casserole dish lately on impulse from at Taka due to promotion. Now sitting in my kitchen cabinet.

    with all these new gears we shall see more delicous bakes from you. :)

  6. Hi Angel..Whoah Taka..must be very expensive!!!