Thursday, August 12, 2010

从 "姜汁撞不到奶" 到 真正的 "姜汁撞奶"(Ginger Milk Curd)

I've never tasted 姜汁撞奶 in my life!
And I actually attempted to make it today~
The process was tough..
especially grating the ginger.
I don't have a proper grating tool, and my hand felt so hot!
The ginger juice was biting on my fingers and hands.

my first attempt.
Used Farmhouse Low Fat Milk, it's fat content is too low~
I have to use the full cream milk which has at least 3.8g of fats in every 100ml. 

So...this was the result..
Awwww...can u feel my disappointment!?
The spoon supposed to sit nicely on the "curd"....

I was sooooo demoralised!
And I announced...

can you imagine how i felt then?

So my man and I went to Fairprice to buy their house brand full cream milk.
and continued my quest!

guess what..2nd try...the spoon dropped again!

3rd try...OMG...NOT AGAIN!?!?!!!!

I was thinking what went wrong!? 
So i return to my laptop to revise the recipe..
 I have missed out 2 steps!!
  1.  After boiling milk, turn the sauce pan in circular motion for 20 times.
  2. To cover the end product and wait for 10 mins for it to set. 
over-confident me = failed attempts

So I tried for the 4th time,
this time round i was really careful.
Nervous Nervous!!!

Yippie!!!! Yeah!!!!
And finally!!!

I gave out a shout of happiness~and tasted it immediately!

It's softer and more wobbly than soya beancurd.
It's a bit too sweet for me. & I've spent about 3 hours just to get one small cup of 姜汁撞奶
Tiring...but, the sense of satisfaction...Priceless...!


  1. Nice curd you have! 再接再厉!

    I like the way u write on the 'blackboard'. Very cute, may I know how you do that?

  2. Hi !
    Is this Angel? HAHA!! I've been reading your blog.. =) thanks for your recipe!!!

    And actually the blackboard is hung in my dining area, just trying to play with it, rather than leaving it there. =)

    Do come often k.. thank u!!!

  3. This is very cute. I tot you did that with some computer software. :P

  4. not that IT savy~~