Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steamboat for 2

These few days, I was busy @ work and had to work till about 9pm. 
And my man always wants to wait for me to dine together.
So we will have our dinner @ around 9.30pm..
it's really late and unhealthy, but we have no choice.

My mummy gave me some fishballs and they need to be cooked real soon,
was sitting in my fridge for a couple of days.
And so, I decided that we should have steamboat dinner!

I cooked the soup base before going to work...
Used small and large ikan bilis, soya bean, cabbage + napa cabbage

I love soya beans, I can clear all the soya beans in soups

And here comes the ingredients,
my man arranged them before I'm back...

Broken tofu, only realised that it was smashed when we were @ the cashier's...

We were soooo full after wiping out everything!
And looking at the clock..OMG, it's 11pm!
late dinners are not advisable =( 
I slept @ 2am just to wait for the food to digest a bit more...


  1. How's your IONA steaboat? Good how much you pay for it? I'm shifting out on 5 Sep and will move back on 30 Oct....these 7 weeks will be tough, minimum furniture and no life...ahahahaha

  2. the Iona steamboat is not bad! i think it costs me about 32 dollars or so...from Courts...
    Wah time flies, your house will be ready very soon! your turn to show me the house OK? =)
    Bear for a little while more, and ur dream home will be done..waiting for u!