Monday, August 16, 2010

Edamame..My Favourite..

What's Edamame?

They are young soybeans cropped with its twig.
You can often find them in Japanese restaurant.
And in chinese, we call it 毛豆.
They are rich in carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, omega fatty acids and micronutrients,
particularly folic acid, manganese and vitamin K (From Wikipedia)

They are really nutritious and whenever I feel like having snacks, 
this will be my better choice. Love them!
It's better than munching on potato chips right? =)


  1. Hello Hello I am back..... : P
    I also love this vege.

    Love your new home so nice and cosy....

  2. HAHA!!! Where did u go to?? sound like somewhere far...

    Thank u for loving my home..wanna come stay? HEHE!!

  3. heeeee........... back from genting. 1st time there ... nice weather ..

    ok ok 包 3 meals and tea-time?? haaaaa..................

  4. HAHA! Whoah..must be really fun!?
    I've never been there before... funny la.must pay rent u know..WAHAHAHA

  5. Actually nothing much to see. A bit disappointed.

    Haaa....... : )

  6. HUH really? i thought they have very fun rides!?