Saturday, August 28, 2010



What are in there?
1. Brown Rice
2. Maize
3. Black Sticky Rice
4. Oat
5. Millet
6. Buckwheat
7.Job's Tears
8. Sorghum

Whole lot of nutrients in there!

There's so many ways of cooking it,
for me, I made it into a tonic soup+porridge.
My mummy gave these tonic to me and I bought the dried scallops.

 Seriously, I've forgotten what are these tonic called!
Just asked my mummy this afternoon! and she told me in Hokkien..
HAHA..I'm not good in Hokkien~

Scallops add sweetness to the porridge!

This is my 养生八宝粥

The gluey porridge..
I cooked this before leaving for work in the morning.
It taste so sweet even without any seasoning.

Some additional ingredients are mushrooms, fish and carrot
which my man had added in when he's back home.
these ingredients only need a short cooking time.

How did I cook my 养生八宝 for 2 persons?

You will need :
1 cup of 八宝米
2 1/2 to 3 cups of water
6 dried mushrooms (soak in water till soft)
Sliced/shredded carrot
 Red Snapper fillet
6 dried scallops

1. Wash the grains twice, top with water and soak for at least 1 hour.
2. Boil over heat for 10 mins with tonic.
3. Remove from heat and place pot into thermal cooker.
(approx 8 hours for mine)
4. Return pot back to heat and add in fish, carrot and mushrooms. Boil.
5. Serve hot. You can season it with some pepper, sesame oil and light soya sauce.
I like mine plain, the original taste.

I will add in other ingredients next time round.
Such a pity that I've yet to buy wolf-berries! I love it!

 And something else to add on...
Thermal cooker really helps a lot!
I don't have to cook stuffs over the fire for many hours, and still get good results!
save gas + money!
Get a thermal cooker today! =)


  1. the herbs look like bei qi(bak ki in hokkian) and dang shen(dong sim). am i right?'s the taste? think i want to try as well. where to get the mixed grain?

  2. HAHA!!!! Miss Elle!! U r soooooooo clever! Bingo! All answers are correct!
    The taste is really good!!
    u can get the mixed grain in organic shops~~ nice nice nice!