Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stir Fried Yellow Chives with Prawns

First of all I wanna thank my Mummy for buying these for me,
she will buy some groceries for me from time to time , isn't she caring?
And I'm glad that I'm just about 3 streets away from her! =)

So...what are yellow chives?
They are often used as an ingredient in longevity noodles,
which you can get in most of the chinese restaurant.
A pity that their servings of yellow chives are always so little.
and of course there are many ways to cook yellow chives.

I stir fried it with some oil, garlic and prawns. 
Just add 1 tsp of light soy sauce.
Its just as easy as that   =)
A pathway of yellow chives....

The key of cooking these is not to overcook it,
as it will lose its crunchiness.
And it's best to cook it on the same day of purchase.
I kept mine for 2 days, and it became partially green.

I did not add much seasoning, because I feel that yellow chives have their sweetness on its own.
and true enough, the dish turned out well.
My man enjoyed it very much.

Especially with a  bowl of steamy warm brown rice.

So that was our dinner!
Surprisingly plain and sinless..
But we felt happy eating and chatting together...
is that love? HAHA!


  1. I never tried these before and only seen a few times in the market...not common. Will definitely try these out when I shift back to my own house.

  2. Hey should try u know...very simple to cook and really nice..but i think compared to other vegs, it's not cheap..i will go find out for myself how much it costs..HAHA