Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Home...A New Start....

Hi my dear readers! =)
I've finally moved into my "dream home".... I mean...I've been dreaming about having a place, 
with my own ideas of renovation and decorations. 
Now, it's like a dream come true..
I believe that family and friends can feel the love I have for my home. Happiness!

Anyway, the first few days were really hectic! very tiring! And household chores are never ending! 
U sweep the strands of hair on the floor, the next minute, the hair come again!!! HAHA!!
These cushions are from the States, and I'm loving it! 
The words are just so heartwarming~~
& I actually fell asleep on this sofa a few times while watching tv, 
this is so not me. Perhaps I'm just too tired or simply comfortable?

 Love my dining area the most!

And this kitchen sign is my favourite among all!

That's all I've got to show for now....!
Pardon me for the weird layout and background. I left them like this, 
because..I can't wait to blog again!!!
I will update constantly, mostly food I guess =)  So please support me!! Thank you!!

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