Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Organised Are You?

I used to be a real disorganised person.
My baking stuffs will be dumped here and there,
Open a packet of flour and use a rubberband to tie it up..

But after moving in to my new home, 
I've decided to keep myself and the stuffs organised!

And this is how i store my grains...
I've been looking high and low for an airtight container 
as I've had bad experiences with bugs in my grains.
And lock and lock is my best choice! Plus, they are BPA free!
I have 3 kinds of grains now
Japanese short grain rice...

8 treasure grains
this is really my treasure, whole lot of nutrition in there!

Organic brown rice

these are my flour...
I will normally get organic & unbleached ones as 
there's not much difference in price compared to regular ones

I feel very good to be an organised person now! 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave with comments. You are a healthy mind person.

  2. He he, all my baking stuffs are all over my cabinets....LOL!

  3. Hi Sonia! THanks for dropping by! I hope i can be a healthy person =)

    Hi Pete! thanks for commenting! HEHE..ermm..but does the stuffs go bad easily if it's all over the cabinets? HAHA

  4. Very nicely organized and I like to use LnL containers too.