Monday, August 16, 2010

A Recipe Stand for you?

I'm loving my recipe stand very much!
With the stand, I don't need to lower my head to look @ the recipes anymore...
Sometimes, baking process can get really long and after a while, 
my neck will ache. 
I believe that some of you have had the same experience as me.

Actually, I bought it for decorative purpose initially,
and found out that it really helps in other ways too...
So..don't hesitate to get a stand! Actually...any stand will do...
as long as it can hold the recipe up!

Another of my favourite...
This recipe notebook is a gift from my good friend.
Isn't it cute!? 
I wanna collect more recipe notebooks!


  1. A very beautiful book stand :) I probably wont use it!

  2. Hi Elyn! =) Thanks for coming to my blog~
    Somehow or rather, I do read your blog too~ HEHEHEHE...
    So do u have a recipe stand?

  3. swee...leh.
    I usually get receipe online print and follow then throw it away as it will get wet and dirty by the time i finished cooking.
    I only keep the softcopy..hahahaha

  4. HEHEHEHE..u r so did the recipe get wet and dirty!? HAHAHA!!!!