Friday, August 13, 2010


Sometimes...I really hope to have a simple meal...

So I will prepare brown rice porridge...
and normally porridge goes well with these...
I used to think that all these are unhealthy as they are high in salt content and preserved.
But I don't know when did I start to love them....

Fermented beancurd is extremely salty.
Need to get a good brand to make it worthwhile =)

Cai Xin...very crispy!

And olive vegetables, my favourite!! It's really oily...
but the aroma is really..Woooohoooo....

And everything goes well with porridge!
You may think that my porridge looks like rice soaked in water...
that's what my man had commented.
But hey, it's brown rice..tougher to cook..HAHA..

I've added some silverfish to the porridge,
which adds sweetness to it~
Get raw silverfish, which are not soaked in salt water.

So this is my so-called "simple" meal...
Loaded with lots of salt..*giggles*

Till then!


  1. That is a nice plate to put the condiments... where did you get it???

  2. Hey hey~
    thank u~
    i got it at parkway's isetan!! Don't know whether they still have it.

  3. Haha, simple porridge with 5 stars presentation.

    Hi Puffy's up there, I saw a similar plate at Daiso if I remember correctly, you may want to try your lucky.

  4. Hi Hi!
    Thank u Thank u! yours 6 stars!!!

    WHoah Daiso..which branch is that? I wanna buy more more more...and it's just $2..HAHA..

  5. Thanks Peeps.. =) will definitely look up on it!..=)

  6. Double check at Daiso IMM last week.

    What Daiso has is only 2 "compartments". The quality may be different too as those sold in Isetant are usally higher quality but it's only $2 what's more we can request.

  7. Hi,

    I love Olive vege on porriage too. But let me share with you this. I bought the same brand as yours, very yummy, but Lord Jesus told me not to buy again. When I checked the ingredients, it's the chemical in it that Lord stopped me from taking. Other preserve that have no chemical, He did not stop me.

    Well, even though I like the Olive vege a lot, I didn't buy anymore. But it's very yummy!