Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unagi & Kani Onigiri

I was a bit crazy and started preparing for tomorrow's breakfast+lunch @ 10.30pm!
Both of us will be working on Sunday and we don't wanna eat it's an impromptu!

Hence, I made Onigiri !
 The Japanese style wares are from my friend, she's a piano teacher too =)
It's really nice of her to buy a gift for my new house...

So what's in the onigiri? 
There's unagi, kani (crab stick), shredded carrots, shredded seaweed

And not forgetting the sushi vinegar, which adds flavour to the rice.
I've also heard that rice vinegar can be mixed with salt and sugar to make sushi vinegar.
Don't know how true is that?

Yummy Yummy~~
I can't help but took one to eat after I've finished my job =)
And my man started to eat too!
He said that he's so lucky..get to eat Japanese food in the middle of the night.

 Simply love it! especially eaten with lots of wasabi! Thrilling!

The lunch box for my boy boy...just like my kid..hehe..bringing bento to school !
it's been a long time since I've made lunch for him to bring to work...

All wrapped up....

All the job ended at 1am..and it's now 2am...Yawnzzzzzz...
I wanna zzzzzzzz....
Have a good night everyone! =)


  1. So sweet, so you heat up the rice the next day? does it still taste equally nice?

  2. HEHE..~u can be the sweet one too!!
    Actually i prefer it to be chilled u know, he did not go to work in the end, so we shared and ate over 2 days..