Wednesday, September 15, 2010

水煮龙头鱼 Bombay Ducks

 What are these??
Bombay Ducks! In our family we call them 软骨鱼...
because of their soft bones.
Actually, they have many different names...
they are not popular in the markets, I guess it's because they are filled with bones

Knowing that we love to eat these, the fishmonger will call and inform my mummy when it's available~
and she will buy 8-9kg each time!
Cutting their head, getting their guts out, cutting the fins and washing them take up hours!
I used to help her in doing all these,
but recently, I realised that I dread handling seafood,
the smell of it lingers around me until the end of the day.
I can live without other meats but I can't live without fish! Ahhh!!
What should I do? HAHA!

OK enough of crap..
here's how I cooked mine...
Normally, I will boil a pot of water, dump the fish in...
when it has come to another boil, season the water with light soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and shaoxing wine.

You know...this is even tastier when fried! Can even eat the bones!

The soup is actually sweet...
and it came from the fish...

Tons of bones in there...

I was sent to A & E sometime last year as a tiny bone was stuck in my throat.
HAHA! 20 years of  experience in eating Bombay Ducks and this happened to me!
And the worst case is, they can't find the bone in xrays...
in the end the doctor asked, do you have any family history of mental illnesses?
They suspected that I was having some illusion..
people who have mental illnesses will imagine that there's fish bone stuck in their throat..!

But yeah, thank goodness, after looking into my throat, there's really a fish bone in there!
What an experience~~!!

So the moral of the story is...when you are eating Bombay Ducks, be extremely careful!
Although I'm still not careful now  =p


  1. Coriane, I am sure I will not touch this fish, I dislike fishes with lots of bones, so ma fan leh :P

  2. HEHE..most of the pple will not eat/touch this fish, esp when u see the face of it..very disgusting too~
    but actually these bones are really fine and not poky~

  3. Girl, wash your hand with salt and lemon next time after handling seafood. or try using vinegar.

    amanda aka big mama

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  5. Hi Amanda =)
    I've tried lemon previously..but there's this very siap feeling..
    next time i will try salt! =) thank u!

  6. Hi Coraine, thanks for visiting my blog! You got a nice blog too! =)

    Jst wanna share with you, to get rid of the fishy smell on the hand, simply rub your hand against the stainless steel sink and say bye bye to the smell. Last but not least...I love this fish too and sometime i actually swallow the 'bone' which are so fine like fur =) My way of cooking is to stir fried some garlic, throw in the fish and simmer it with some dark soya sauce..yummy!

  7. Hi Fatmum!
    Thanks you for sharing the tip to get rid of the stinky smell!! I will definitely try it~ that sounds really amazing!!

    Ya their bones are like fur, but I am that kind of person who will swallow or bite the fins for the fish too! HAHA!! So..i think that's how i had it stuck..
    and your way of cooking is new to me, will try it!!!